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So Pepper is back in the states apparently. This postcard just arrived - looks like she has taken to traversing with the baby bison through Yellowstone Park. What sights you must be seeing in the park! Have a good time Pepper!

Meet Pepper.... Pepper was a lonely chicken who found solace in the friendly staff at Pimienta Bistro & Bar. She knew that Blanca and her friends loved animals and would wander by now and then to "cluck" hello. One day, Blanca thought, "oh my gosh! I think Pepper is looking for a home! Well, I know just the right place!" and soon, Pepper found herself in a loving home where she can roam to her heart's content. However, every now and then I think she gets a craving for adventure. We just got this photo of her at the Eiffel Tower! Wow Pepper! Wish we were there too!